5 Daily Penis Care Men Must Do

Penis CareCaring for a penis properly is rarely done by men even though it’s easy to do. Penis care is not as complex as treating facial skin even though there is special treatment so that this organ stays healthy inside and out. The penis will also avoid several diseases that can cause quite severe disorders.

Penis Care Which Should Be Done Every Day

If you don’t feel that you are doing maximum daily care on the penis, try to look at some of the explanations below. By following each step, the penis can be well maintained so that sexual, reproductive, and aesthetic functions do not decrease.

The following is easy penis treatment and must be done every day:

Wash every day properly

Washing your penis every day is not the same as washing your penis after urinating. Washing the penis during urination is still possible there is a buildup of residual urine in the coconut penis or foreskin for those who are not circumcised. In addition, the remaining urine can also be attached to the panties so that the possibility of infection will be large.

Wash the penis when going to sleep at night. Replace the panties with those that are still clean and no dirt. When cleaning the penis, use clean cold water. Perform a light rub on the head of the penis so that the dirt is gone. You can use warm water as long as the penis can still accept the temperature.

Meet water needs every day

Maybe you think penis treatment is done by doing direct action on the genitals. Even though what we drink also has a big effect on a man’s penis. Therefore, men are advised to more often fulfill the daily needs of 2 liters of water.

Water will make the kidneys work well, the urine that the bladder holds is also not thick. The urine that comes out later will be clear and the possibility of inviting bacteria to enter or approach will be low.

Use condoms when making love

If you and your partner don’t want to get a pregnancy again, it’s better to use a condom when making love. Condoms will make the penis more awake and avoid transmission of certain diseases if any. Condoms also protect the penis from excessive friction.

Perform routine checks every day

Perform routine checks on the penis every day, especially those related to the head and scrotum. Sometimes warts, ulcers, or itching are often ignored. In the scrotum, men also have to check whether the condition of the testis is normal or has a disorder.

Disorders of the scrotum that often occur in men are large adjoining size, varicocele until the pain that comes from infection or there is interference with the sperm tract. Perform this penis treatment regularly so that it can be treated immediately if there is a disorder.

Regular ejaculation

Ejaculating regularly at least twice a week is effective enough to improve penis health. Based on several studies, regular ejaculation can improve the health of the prostate. In fact, ejaculating 21 times a month can reduce the risk of dangerous cancer.

Although it is recommended to ejaculate as a penis care step, do not have sex or masturbate excessively. Do it as needed and don’t force it. Sex and masturbation still have rules to provide pleasure and benefits to the body.

In addition to the five things presented above, there are several other things that you should pay attention to if you want to get a healthy and quality penis at all times. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, if necessary stop slowly consumption. Do exercise regularly with combination using vimax pills from https://www.vimax.co.id. Hopefully, this review is useful for improving penis health.

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